“A saddle should be a means of communication between rider and horse, in which both must be comfortable”. This statement implies that the choice between riding a saddle with tree or riding a treeless saddle is always a conscious choice. This choice should not be better or worse. It will be choosing a different way of riding.

The saddle itself has separated, embedded, pressure absorbing anatomically shaped neoprene panels on both sides. Together with the shock absorption and resilient pad a tunnel is created for ultimate spinal cord freedom. This structure provides an extremely stable, flexible and soft interface with the horse back. More about the MPDS system can be found here.









Photo’s: Hugo Strijbos Fotography

Ofcourse, for a treeless saddle, the same rule applies that the size has to be determined on the right way. For this the shape of the horse as well as the rider play a central role. This is different to a saddle with tree, where the choice has to be made between infinite different types of trees. A well-fitted treeless saddle will always fit your horse, even when the muscles change. The direct interface, with the lack of rigid parts, allows the rider to feel immediately every movement of the horse. The communication between rider and horse is therefore much more refined.In our webshop you will a clear explanation and size chart for all models.

The treeless saddles of EDIX saddles are available in different models, sizes and designs. In the assortment EDIX, you will find sizes from 12 up to 19,5 inch, in dressage, versatility and western style. Different versions like leather and synthetic, in different colors like black, grey and brown. Each saddle is provided with a user manual and maintenance instructions  (also available separately).



The structure of the treeless EDIX saddle

The construction consists of 2 parts. The upper construction itself with on top the seat area of the rider, named seat cover. This upper construction is build with separately  on each side multiple anatomically shaped layers, dividing the pressure.

The bottom part of the saddle is build of a layer of 15mm high density foam plus a 16 mm thick shock absorbing foam. These 2 layers are covered with a 4 mm pressure distributing rubber plate (polymere), on which the girth ????? … are fixed. On the finishing in leather of synthetic leather, the suspension of the fenders are fixed.

The combination of all these flexible materials makes the upper structure extremely flexible to follow every movement of the horse.

Above there is a graphical representation of the materials used in the upper construction and the pressure dividing quality.


 Treeless Saddlepad

We would better refer to is as a saddle combination. Inseparable with a treeless saddle is the use of a pad that is complete aligned with it. This pad is the base for the saddle. The pad lifts the saddle a bit and make sure that there is space created between the spinal cord and the saddle.  Pads for treeless saddles are available in different models. Characteristic of all these pads are the different spaces, which are closed by means of velcro. For the purpose of shock absorption and pressure distribution, insertions are inserted and form like that the saddle cushions.  It is easy for the rider to check these cushions on firm proof shape and if necessary change them themselves. In our webshop you will find all the different pads of EDIX saddles.


Photo’s: Hugo Strijbos Fotography


EDIX saddles delivers its saddles completely. With stirrups with belts and a saddle pad with optimal fitted inserts. Inserts that need to be changed are available separately.  For a constant fixed position of the saddle, EDIX saddles recommends the F.R.A.® supergirth. This guarantees  optimal comfort for your horse, when the saddle stays firmly connected to the horse back, which horses often like even more.


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