Treeless Saddle Fits service

Would you make the transition to a new saddle, and do you prefer our treeless saddles. But not sure what model for your horse/pony is appropriate? We will be happy to visit you saddle fits with our service. Contact us preferably by mail, then we right all your data and we can watch when we near you. We would like to know from you what horse/pony you have, a photo in the mail is always easy. We also want to know the body length and construction of the rider (s) this saddle to determine which size you need. If we come with you we have different models saddlery, and we look at your wish you already have passed to us by mail. We look closely at the building of the horse, think of the muscles, short back, long back, high Withers, no Withers etc.


Each saddle is scaled to fit on your horse by means of adjusting the path, wider or narrower pommel. Than you can with any saddle drive and we can assess whether it is appropriate for you and your horse and of course your own sense is also important. If you have never driven with a treeless saddle is very much getting used to and we can help you where needed and extra tips. After you tested all saddles, we have a good picture of and we discuss what is best for you and the horse.

Saddle accessories

Also, we have the accessories to, different saddle girths, Stirrup leathers, Stirrups, pads in case you also need. The special path with inlay boxes do you always need at the Treeless saddles. These are not cheap so please bear in mind there. We can of course require nothing but we definitely recommend to use them.


Are you already in the possession of a Treeless saddle and want to inspected because it no longer is good or you are experiencing a different issue? This is also possible. Here you can make an appointment by mail for.


The costs are 35 euro + service charge a small mileage. (we try to plan the route as profitable as possible so we can keep the costs low for you and us). If you live within a radius of 20 km around Kalmthout, then we do not charge a mileage allowance. If you are about to purchase a new saddle, you pay no service charge. We are in possession of a mobile bank terminal, so you can just pay with your bank card. We accept credit card, maestro, visa, bancontact.

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