F.R.A. Freedom Riding Articles products are distinguished into oppurtunities to go in a different way with you horse, a relationshop which many horse lovers desire, they offer love, joy, trust and above all freedom between man and horse! Moreover, the characteristic appearance of Freedom Riding Articles products give you a warm feeling…


Freedom Riding Articles & Bitless

Freedom Riding Articles bitless offers you a wide range of bitless bridles; in size from Shetland to shire; with different designs and in materials from cotton to leather.

F.R.A. gives you this facility. In a clear graphic called “the bitless bar”, you will find five categories of our F.R.A. ® bitless bridles. Although several factors play, we can state that the more sensitive the horse is, the less there will be the need to diversify the aid of the reins. In simple terms from less to more. System 1 to system 5. All F.R.A. ® bitless bridles are provide with an information label with a number and a colour. In addition you will find on this label all models and sizes available for this system. This information label explains in details how the system works and is to be used.






Foto’s: Hugo Strijbos Photography

Freedom Riding Articles & Barebackpads

Closer to your horse …………. the F.R.A. Freedom Riding Articles barebackpads offer a simple and enjoyable solution to ride. Bareback pads are in fact no more than pads in different shapes that are placed on the bare back of your horse. They offer the possibility to have a direct communication with your horse. Your horse will move more freely and with more fun with a bareback pad instead of a treed saddle. Therefore, it can better focus on rider and a real trust between rider and horse will arise. Because each muscle tension and all the movements in the back are tangible, it will be easier to improve the timing and aids on the reins. This will improve you riding skills.